Pitchbase Holdings Limited

Pitchbase offers solutions for a range of natural and artificial sports ground construction.


Applying the company's experience and using its wealth of knowledge to provide solutions for sports pitch construcion in the 21st century, Pitchbase offers:


Sports pitch construction


Soil stabilisation


Bulk earth movement


Grading and laser levelling


GPS Guided excavations


Primary and secondary land drainage, vertidrainage, irrigation and the installation of piped drainage systems


Cultivation and seeding




Some of the client sectors benefiting from Pitchbase approach to delivering sports pitch construction are:


Professional sporting bodies


Amateur clubs


Local authorities


Public schools






Private clients


The AM-Group has invested heavily in both state of the art plant and equipment for construction works - which down the line benefits Pitchbase with the ability to have first option on the hire of plant like the GPS guided Excavator, D5 and D6 Bulldozers which are second to none on construction sites, Pitchbase also invests heavily in its employee's in order for them to always be aware of current standards and guidelines in which they have to follow, our experienced team can solve any problem that should arise on any given construction site.

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Pushing our way to success...

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